Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recession and realization

Globalization, global warming and now, global economic recession.

For me, the last one was most thought-provoking. Well, it didn't provoke much thought when as a daily affair, I moved the stories of lay-off and bail-out to business desk from the global directory where I was working.

It made me think only after I got the recession pinch, when I heard that our company is also preparing the lay-off list. When it started as a rumour, we had a discussion during our tea-time, which we usually dedicate to recipes of new delicacies, experience with pets and moms sharing their little brats' latest misadventures. For once we shared our recession agony... which we had thought will never hit the editorial team. We shared our thoughts and finally arrived at a conclusion — that a recession was indeed essential for our country.

For all those who lived out of their means, for all those who used to spend uncontrollably during weekends just to kill time and to balance the huge economic disparity in our country, it was needed. Along with apologizing to all those who had to bear the brunt of recession by paying a heavy price, who may feel I'm insensitive, I think I'm right.

As a primary student, I remember going to school by public transport bus paying 40 paise. Many days when my amma gives me one rupee, my brother and I used to bring back the 20 paise balance after the to and fro journey. We never used to spend 10 paise on the much-tempting red apple candies unless amma allots it, may be once a week or so.

As a family which used to survive on a single income of my father who was a Central government employee, new dresses for us were a twice-a-year affair: when the school reopens and for Onam. And the joy the new dresses brought to us... I’ve never got it after I started buying clothes on my own, when my salary was three times my father’s salary after he completed some 30 years in office.

All my friends where children of government employees who lived a decent life, educating their children in convents, going for trips during holidays, eating out every weekends and what not.

The economic boom that we witnessed over the past 10-15 years nourished a negligible percentage of the country, making them grow like parasites on others who were pushed down under. People who got Rs 3,000 or Rs 5,000 per month felt they were nothing hearing the exponential salaries their not-so-brilliant peers got in IT companies. Forget the mental distress, the so-called economic boom brought with in an inlation that reached sky-high, making life unaffordable for them.

Less than 10 years ago, amma used to complain about price rise as rice was Rs 13 a kilogram and salt was Rs 3.50. I buy the same now for Rs 40 and Rs 10 respectively.

I feel lucky to have born then. If it was now, I would have never had new dresses even once a year, I would have never had a swing at home for every , may be I would have never continued my education after SSLC.

I realized it now, thanks to recession...


Pradeep said...

Yes, Yamini, the senseless squandering of money has stopped at least for the time being. So also the greed for wealth.

For people who lived prudently within their means, I don't think recession has been blow. Probably their savings would have come down.

It's high time you publicised your blog so that more people can enjoy your Raindrops of thoughts.

Dips said...

i used to pester with my mom for a little more when my pocket money ran out. she used to bargain and if she gave 50 rupees she will cut that from next months pocket money. btw, i have added u to my blog list.

vilakudy said...

Incidentally, Mammootty also wrote about recession in his first blog. Great minds think alike..........

Ajith said...

This recession is the after effect of mindless and aggressive steps adopted by corporates to inflate the growth. Anyone with a visiting card was offered loans by the banks and now they have no clue how to collect the money back.

-Poison- said...

the boom was too fast...the bubble grew too fast. now, i guess it's time for a breather, and recap. i too miss the old days, when things were simpler.