Monday, July 13, 2009

India mocks at women

The struggle to introduce women’s reservation Bill is going on in Parliament. The fact that it is yet to be okayed does not evoke any surprise considering the facts of mounting atrocities against women in the country.

In a shocking judgment, the Supreme Court has held a rape victim as a “woman of easy virtues” and acquitted the accused.

Worse, the court said: “She appears to be a lady used to sexual intercourse and a dissolute lady. She had no objection in mixing and having free movement with any of her known persons, for enjoyment.”

The accused was convicted for rape and awarded 10 years jail by a sessions court in Guwahati.As a citizen, I had immense confidence in our judiciary. Now, as a woman, I don’t have it. I’m apprehensive about safety in my own country.

Women, be your own guard and judge...

A man who sells antique items on MG Road, Bangalore, had put up an offer last Sunday: A Radha free with every Krishna!