Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maintain the rhythm

Yesterday was a hectic day for me, nothing to be blamed but my laziness. I got up late by around 9.30. By the time I finished breakfast and reading newspaper, it was 12. Though I knew I was getting late, I had to make a few phone calls. By the time the calls were over, it was 12.40. I had to cook my lunch, pack my dinner, take bath, get ready and start for work by 2 pm. Usual time is 2.30, but since I had to go to a studio to get the print of a photo which had long been in my pen-drive, I thought of starting early.

It was after the phone calls that thought of doing so many things in so little time suddenly grew heavy on my head. As pressure mounted, I was frenzied. I tried to cut vegetables fast. Usually I pay attention to the shape of the pieces but yesterday all that my knife generated were amorphous. Some pieces jumped off the board and I had to pick them up and victimize again.

I had to wash a few clothes too. Hurrying to the bathroom, I soaked the clothes in a strong detergent so that my job would be done soon. Twenty minutes later I realized that I had opened the hot-water tap to soak them. Result - my white dress emerging in myriad shades of all my other clothes.

In utter disappointment, I finished the washing job only to realize that my curry was burning in the stove. To prevent further damage, I had to remove the sabji to another tava and in the process I burned my finger too. Rushing for honey bottle to save my burn, I slipped and sprained my ankle, which required another two minutes of applying thailam.

I finally started at 2.30, now very less time for my extra work if I take a bus. I got into an auto, still panting. I was caught in the same signal thrice before finally making way through the mad traffic. I asked the auto driver to drop me right in front of the studio. I paid him and rushed inside. While entering the studio, I was searching for the pendrive in my bag so that my studio affair would not get delayed. To my shock, I realized I missed it somewhere.

I searched my bag, again and again but in vain. Along with the disappointment of losing my pendrive and tiredness after the melee, I entered office. A firing from my boss for my carelessness made the day complete.

End of the day, I realized even if time is too less, you should maintain the rhythm. May be some job would be unfinished, but whatever done will be error free.


Sudheesh Bhaskaran said...

It was great fun reading about your 'eventful' day. It happens to all. We need to be really careful about the basics whatever be the situations.

Loved your post.

Pradeep said...

Good piece, simple narrative. Yamini I can visualise you going through it all. What I liked best was the moral. So true it's.

-Poison- said...

oh murphy...