Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the name of lord

Hats off to you, dear Sri Ram Sene activists, for your ongoing efforts to preserve Indian culture.

Don’t bother about those who make a hue and cry over the issue. They just have the Lok Sabha elections in mind. Do you think that they really bother about the young women who were assaulted... err... taught culture... by your men in a pub in Mangalore last Saturday? I don’t think so.

You know, I heard some of these uncouth fellows venting their ire against your men, asking whether you will do this if the women in the pub were your mother or sister. How dare they say that! Why can’t you people just tell them that for you, mother or sister is not the issue, but the culture of India. I know even if it was your mother or sister, you would have pulled their dresses, hit them on their head and made them fall flat on their face. Nothing above culture. A person who uphold culture of the nation above anything else will not bother even if his wife is beaten up by his neighbour! I know you would certainly have garlanded the man for giving lessons to your wife on culture.

I heard your state convener Prasad Attavar saying, “We acted like brothers. Drinking by women is not Indian culture. It’ll morally degrade our society. Women are our mothers and they should behave like that.” Matru Devo Bhava... Gosh.... I got goose bumps. That means you treat all women like your mothers, right? I wonder whether you are a bachelor, Prasad. If so, you can expect a long queue of girls at your doorstep soon. After all, which girl will not love to marry this culture-conscious hero!

May be they don’t know that your mothers and sisters are beginning their days with Gayatri mantra, chanting couplets from the Upanishads and Vedas and drinking thulsithirth. I never meant the name of any serials.

And, I know they still dress like Sita and Draupadi. Showing belly button and covering breasts with a single cloth is also part of our rich culture. It would have been a feast for the eyes if all women were taught culture and made dress like that, isn’t it? I have always felt that whenever I read books interpreting the puranas. And, these westernized young women are walking around fully clad in jeans and T-shirts. How can they tarnish our culture like this!

And, I know though while in action you were jeans and pants, ( I know it is just for convenience )otherwise you always uphold our culture and wear only loin clothes. Even while wearing jeans, I know, you won’t wear Jockey or any other westernized cover underneath but only the ones worn by our great rishis. We don’t know any of our great kings who never drank. In fact, we uphold the culture by letting our men drink. Damn those guys who seek your apology, Prasad.

Hope you will continue with your efforts in preserving the culture of Ramjanmabhoomi.

Jai Sri Ram!


Sekhar said...

Nice thought-provoking post.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

When are they going to realize that culture is something that is credible because it keeps changing.

I have this thing against the pubs. They check age... before you enter. I wish they check employment records too. I am somehow not comfortable abot kids spending their parent's money.. 200 a piece on bloody marys..
Or is that also part of 'culture' ?

Pradeep said...

Indian culture is not just what we wear, what we eat, what we drink, what we speak, what we read, what movies we watch....

Indian culture is how we behave with other people, especially other Indians.

Ajith said...

I guess Prasad Attavar will not have a problem if men drink. He forgot one important point, this is a country where thousands of families were shattered due to alcoholism. Was he sleeping till now. He realised the bad effects of alcohol only when some girls started drinking. If the senas are so concerned about the ill effects of alcohol, they should ask their goons to threaten Vijay Mallya. None of the goons will never return from his house, that I can assure for sure!

-Poison- said...

srs are madmen. :-) they and their ilk are the rot within the nation. maybe this will all blow up one day, and the nation of a billion will roll back into the stone age. nothing seems to stop them from making their symbolic 'gestures'(its too mild a word), and their consistent yapping. i ve to give it to them though. they have excellent marketing skills. from obscurity to the national spotlight in one day.

yamini nair said...

@ Ajith and Poison, I totally agree with your views. The families which are eaten or left in permanent trauma by alcoholic men are still rotting in our very own Incredible India. If these guys who are on the rampage have government support, they will never dare to take on liquor lobby as it is a major source of revenue.