Friday, March 20, 2009

Perverts of the highest degree

When Fritzl, who kept his daughter as a sex slave in a dungeon for 24 years, was brought before the law in April 2008, I wished the media hadn’t published it and it was the first and last incident of that genre that had happened in the whole world. The degree of the crime that led to the hapless daughter giving birth to her father’s seven children knew no bounds.

Even the thought about the 24 years of life of Elisabeth Fritzl in a concealed part of the basement of their family home in Amstetten in Austria was disturbing to the core. More thought about it have the potential to land you or me in front of a psychiatrist.

I wished media had never got the news because I feared it may negatively inspire many perverted minds and that it may disturb many girls who had never thought that such a thing can happen.

That was well, a year ago. Now we are all in an even more difficult situation where we have to digest the fact that this can happen anywhere, right under our nose, in our own country, where culture and tradition are held high.The ‘moron dad of Mumbai’ appeared in the front page of newspapers, making our hackles rise and at the same time, sending a chill down the spine. Where is this world heading for...

The 60-year-old dad was arrested on charges of sexually abusing his 21-year-old daughter for a period of nine years. The 47-year-old mother, who was abetting the crime, was also arrested. The father was led to the heinous act by another pervert, an astrologer, who told him that he can boost his business if he raped his daughter! Worst disturbing was the silence of the mother who was often witness to her daughter being raped by her husband.

The case was not a one off incident. It brought to light many similar crimes that happened in the rural areas of Thane. Many more ugly stories of fathers making their daughters pregnant and trying to get the foetus aborted came out.

Now I don’t have courage to think or wish that these were incidents confined to the borders of Mumbai, Thane or Austria. It would be happening anywhere and everywhere. Women should muster courage to spill the beans on such crimes, the worst of all crimes.

I hope no court in this world would even let these criminals see the horizon again. Even capital punishment would be less for these fathers, I feel.


Debby said...

In case of a trial, no lawyer should represent this man. Just take him to the gallows straight.

Pascale said...

I wasn't surprised by Frizl's insane coupling with his daughter who has given me 7 children. For, most women who had been abused in childhood were abused by a relative. Some young girls do spill the beans when it happens, but sometimes no one would believe them.