Sunday, March 1, 2009

An ode to 1100

On an off day, when you don’t have anything special to do, your phone goes out of order. That’s what happened to me on Friday, making me feel handicapped...

First I blamed the Vodafone network for not being able to make any calls or send any messages. Then I realized, my phone was unable to store charge. As soon as I took it out of the charger, it was draining out.

My Nokia 1100, was a priced procession for me, as it was the first asset which I could call my own... which was the first thing I bought after I got a job. And it was with me for the past four years. With tonnes of emotions attached to it, I could not believe that it was just ceasing to exist from my life.

It was not many days ago that I was boasting with my friends who sold off their old handsets for a paltry sum that my 1100 would fetch me a hundred dollars from the makers itself as I would be the only person who has used that model so long!

Anyway, I felt it was impossible to spend an evening alone in my PG without a phone in hand. I went out to get a new one, still clutching on to the 1100 in my hand, hoping it may ring once when I’m just entering the shop... Well, it didn’t.

I went inside the swanky Nokia showroom on CMH Road, just told the salesman what my friend asked me to buy, as I didn’t know anything more to ask for. He showed me some three models with the feature I wanted or rather,what my friend wanted — the facility to record interviews or somethign for a few hours.

I chose my next companion in just three minutes as I was going dizzy with the questions other customers were asking and the way they were explaining about the features they want. I didn’t have any clue about all those. Though there were hundreds of models of phones glittering in the stands, I didn’t dare go near them as I was at a loss what to ask about!

I just picked up one from the three he showed me that had sound recording facility and was at the billing counter. He told me it has all that I wanted, plus I can own a blue tooth besides all the 32 Colgate white I have! My new Nokia 7210 can click pictures too and entertain me with songs. What more I want! The salesman asked me whether I would like to test the phone with my SIM. I readily said ‘yes’ as I knew after going home, I won’t be able to do the process of opening the phone and putting the SIM in on my own! He did it for me and I made a test call too. I just ran out of the store in five minutes after paying the bill.

After I reached my room, I started mastering the new device by going through the users’ manual. I couldn’t read more than two pages before I fell asleep and I felt I’m getting more technically handicapped. I sprang from my bed when I heard a whole band playing from my phone. That was the new ringtone which I had to get used to soon. I tried reducing the volume, but failed. Finally managed to switch it off and sleep peacefully with my ever-dear 1100 beside me, silent.

Next morning, I had to copy the numbers in my old phone to the new one. I managed to put the SIM back to my old one and started checking for the numbers saved in it. To my surprise which soon gave way to sadness, a call came on my 1100. As it rang, I was looking at it in disbelief that it took me few minutes to act and attend the call.

May be my 1100 would have felt bad when I decided to abandon it for a swanky 7210...


K. Sundaram said...

Ha..ha..finally that phone is dead?pls cremate it with honour and start using the new one.:)

rasmi said...

ayyo 1100 is finally resting in peace? sad. nice writeup, by the way :)

Debby said...

Sigh, reminds me of the time I went to sold my first cell phone at Delhi's chor bazaar. That was the ericsson 1 kg phone, which looked like a hammer. My pal joked that the money I would get would not fetch even a packet of Uncle Chips. I got a decent sum back though. With me, this dilemma happens on pens. I've been using three Reynold's ballpoints for five years and one of them got cracked some months ago. That hurt me a lot. When they ask what's the big deal with the Rs 8 pen (I got it for Rs 4 then), I don't have an answer. It's not about the pen, these fools don't understand.

Pradeep said...

Just make sure 1100 doesn't feel all too dejected that you have dumped it.!