Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life in a traffic jam

Yesterday morning I was on my way home from my friend’s place. The BMTC bus in which I was travelling, was struggling to make its way through the heavy peak-hour traffic.

When the bus reached somewhere near MG Road, the bus was caught in the same signal for the second time. I was sitting with glass panes of the window shut to escape from the dust and smoke.

Bored with the long wait, my eyes peeped through the glass. There was a car stuck near our bus. Inside the car there was something to make my wait worth it — a rarely noticed side of life in a metro.

A man, in executive dress who was at the wheels, hurriedly having his breakfast, packed in a steel carrier. As he stuffed his mouth with the delicacy packed for him, by may be his wife, the sight fed an equal amount of thought into my mind. There was no one else in the car.

He might have started his breakfast at the previous signal. This signal helped him finish it. He looked up and saw the light was still red. Then he took out his shoe polish from a case and started doing his shoes, which he would have completed at the next signal!

It made me think how the fast pace of life is eating into people’s lives. May be he will have to spend pretty long hours driving and waiting at signals than the time he can spend at home!

Researches have shown that the quality time a person spend with the family at dining table accounts to bonding among the members. May be such researches will never happen in future as the parameter will vanish and specimens too...


Ajith said...

Life is in fast forward mode now. One week just flies off like one hour. Time has become a scarce commodity now.

BMTC seems to be providing lot of input for ur blogs, may be i should leave my bike and start bus trips.

Pradeep said...

Perceptive eyes you have got! And a good post.

What you saw can be seen as a fallout of life in the fast lane; but may be this is his way of time management. Anyway, I am sure, that guy must be really hardpressed for time.

In these days of recession he must be under awful pressure as well, forced to squeeze some of this daily chores into brief interludes at traffic signals!

-Poison- said...

reminds me of an old Mr Bean episode!

Akhil said...

Eyy Njanum mukalil parchathinodu yogikunnu....MR BEAN Getting up late for the dentist..