Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learn responsibility from this home minister!

“You should take care of your children. What can we do if some goonda elements do it? We will investigate who made the girl and boy disembark from the bus and what their intention was. The father should be grateful that his daughter came back home safe.’’

This is not a statement from any ordinary person, but the honourable home minister of Karnataka V S Acharya, in response to an incident in which a Kerala MLA’s daughter was thrashed and abducted reportedly by Bajrang Dal men for talking to a ‘Muslim boy’ who is her friend’s brother!

The girl and the boy were taken to an unknown place by the goondas where she was asked not to move around or talk with a Muslim as she was a Hindu.

No home minister can be more irresponsible. Be it an ordinary girl, not an MLA’s daughter, what kind of security feeling is this minister instilling in the minds of people? The youngsters here are already under threat from the moral police who claim to protect the country’s culture. And ordinary citizen would wonder where the state is heading to.

Would the minister say the same if his daughter was abducted or thrashed in public? How can anybody feel safe when such a minister is holding the home portfolio? After a series of attacks on churches in the state that enraged the whole country, the same minister had said: “Why the fuss? Have there been any deaths? Not a single person is dead.’’

I think rather than asking the girl’s father to be grateful that his daughter came home safe, it would be better if the minister goes home safe before the public lose their patience.


Ajith said...

The MLA is thankful that the goons 'saved' his daughter before the muslim guy could do anything. Thanks to all senas and saviours of Indian culture. You are doing a great service to this country.

The people who have elected this minister should be ashamed of themselves.

Men who spread hatred are no better than terrorists . I guess we need to clean up our own country before asking pakistan to handover LET members.

George said...

Yamini - can you please provide source for your quote of Karnataka's Home Minister? Where and when he said so? He is in Mumbai/Nagpur so it is unlikely some Malayalam newspaper got hold of him and must have cooked the quotes.

Also when you get a chance please try to read Kannada newspaper Vijaya Karnataka today.

All arrested belong to leftist unions of Kerala (you know the ones with whole soup of alphabets) - in short, Kerala style politics is making a grand entry to our peaceful Mangalore.


-Poison- said...

why dont these buggers go bug Kareena or Malaika instead! being lower in the power ladder doesnt help i guess.

Ajith said...

@George - Here it is

Peaceful mangalore???? I am a little confused. Isn't that the place where churches were attacked in broad daylight. The goons who attacked the pub were also from Kerala is it???

yamini nair said...

@ George, As Ajith told, the source of the quote was The Times of India, and not any Malayalam newspaper. I'm sorry I cannot read Kannada. I did not make any regional disparity while commenting on the incident. Injustice, where ever it is, is intolerable.

yamini nair said...

@ Thanks Ajith and Poison... for sharing my views...

George said...

Ajit and Yamini - actual quote is from the Kerala MLA who claims Karnataka Home Minister made such statement. And TOI conviniently omits that fact and publishes as if Karnataka HM made such statement.

Please step back for a minute and try to see if any home minister can make such ridiculous statement? No, comparing to RR Patil is not the answer.

Anyway all arrested belong to CITUC, DYFI. Local politics of Kerala is spilling over to Mangalore and everyone find easy scapegoats in Karnataka police.

etvraviraja said...

How come the media is silent on the issue of attackers giving an affidavit with the magistrate last night, saying that they are members of commie brigade.
also check

PenPrickFan said...

Ha Ha
you still believe the newspaper reports & quotes?
see how they function
to see how the media is run in coastal karnataka...

pinkcheddiwallah said...