Friday, December 5, 2008

Just let it flow

Have you got the habit of doing what others call 'crazy'? I must tell you, that is the best destressing medicine available on the planet. The joy you get out of it is beyond comparison! Believe me, none else, but my experience is my guru.

Today afternoon, I was walking to office with two of my colleagues. When we reached some 100-150 metres away from office, my friend told me, "How will it be if we have a race from here?" As she counted "Ready... 1...2....3..." adrenalin rushed into our streams and we just ran... least bothered that we are responsible employees of a reputed organization or we have crossed the age of playing on the roadside.

We laughed our hearts out as we ran. I saw popped-out eyes following us in disbelief, of the parking securitymen and pan shopwallahs who see us as decent girls walking in calm and quiet everyday... I was panting like a mad dog when we reached the lift leaving the suspicious faces of securitymen behind.

The outcome was unbelievable. The thought of the crazy run kept me smiling all through the day. Even the boring reports that I handled like 'Gowda bahu entering politics' could not wade it away.

So, never let your crazy drives die down... just let it take its course... :)


sona khal said...
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Akhil said...

Yuppp you r right ....