Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Food for thought

Yesterday afternoon as the Aam Aadmi Party was showing an impressive lead in the Delhi Assembly election results, I walked to a roadside foodstall selling paratha and vegetable kebab at Barah Bais junction in Noida. I got one plate parceled for Rs 30. 

I walked home and opened the neatly packed parcel. There were two parathas, two kebabs and two types of chutney. The food was delicious and filling for a hungry stomach. 

There were some news websites and channels that displayed "how freebies won over real issues". Really? 
Aren't electricity and water or quality education and healthcare real issues?  These are what the citizens deserve for the taxes they pay. Call them freebies when parties offer free bicycles, laptops, television sets or saris. 

Yesterday if I had ordered food online, I may have got a less tasty fair for more cost with GST. Yes, I could afford it. But if I get an option to make my life easy, wouldn't I opt for it? 

Delhiites did the same. They opted for a government that shared their burden and made their life a bit easier.

Placing people and work over politics and hatred helped the party; not freebies.