Thursday, December 27, 2012

Girls, time to wake up the Durga within you

It's been 12 days since Nirbhaya's (as media christened her) has been battling for life after the ghastly sexual assault on her by a gang of beastly men in the national capital.

Even as protests rage across the country to bring a stop to such crimes on women, the spurt in rape cases being reported from all over should put authorities to shame. All protests, debates on safety for women, dos and don'ts will be printed and broadcast for some time now. After that, things will be back to square one for us.

No police or government or activists will be available on call in the hour of our distress. Also, it will be impractical to expect police to guard women in all buses, workplaces, railway stations, every compartment in trains, all lanes and bylanes and even houses. For, danger lurks in every nook and corner for women. Those who ridicule the idea of imparting martial arts to girls as government's idea of washing its hands of responsibility should understand this.

All girls out there, your safety is in your hands first. Be alert always. Never regret even if you have to kill a rapist, for you would be saving many other girls. Don't be like Seeta devi who is a silent sufferer, but wake up the Durga or Kannaki from within you. Above all, when it comes to your safety, take your parents' words. For, no one else will be concerned about your safety as much as they are.

All mothers out there, tell your daughter not to be scared of anyone, not to be ashamed if she becomes victim of a sexual assault... Tell her, "I will be there for you". It will pass immense courage through your daughter's veins.

All dads and brothers, pass on the valour of a man to your daughters and little sisters. Treat them as any of you at home so that they will be bold enough to take on the evil hands stretching out to them.

And Nirbhaya, it hurts to know about the immense pain you endured to bring all these to fore again. I really wish your trauma doesn't go in vain and that something solid comes out of it for our mothers and sisters. Only offer we can make for you now is our heartfelt prayers. Lakhs of hearts are chanting the same, lakhs of pairs of eyes are shedding a tear or two for you and lakhs of invisible hands are blessing you from unknown corners... Come back, Nirbhaya, come back like a Phoenix. 


B Pradeep Nair said...

Yes, there is a limit to how much the government or the police or for that matter anyone can ensure the protection of each and every girl and woman. We all have to realize the sort of society we are living in, and take all safety precautions that are needed.

But, that is not to absolve the government of any responsibility. There is undoubtedly a systemic collapse in our society. A more efficient preventive and reactive processes will definitely ensure that there are enough deterrents to check the criminals.

As the old saying goes: "A good king will ensure there are fewer robbers, but it's the subjects' job to keep windows and door of houses closed."

John Jose said...

We have to let the girls know how not to become a target. Girls coming to study here from far away, should be more careful by going out with Boy 'friend' late into the night is not all that safe. Walking hand in hand with him is prone to dangers lurking around. They should never think they will be safe taking a ride back home on a two wheeler or an auto. The auto driver or the bike rider is alone not capable of saving much, when the lustfull beast in men under the influence of alchol cannot be tamed.
And we need to stop taking a rape case to court, the old Arab law is a scary solution for many to not commit anymore like when we want to put a stop to an alcholic, he is administered something which the moment he touches a drink to his mouth he vomites. Such should be a punishment so the next man will refrain from doing so ....