Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Never-dying words

Aami — that was how I came to know about Madhavi Kutty (Kamala Das and later Kamala Surayya), when Doordarshan was telecasting her ‘Balyakalasmaranakal’ as a serial. I still remember how I used to be glued to TV on Wednesdays to watch Aami’s story.

May be because the age gap between Aami and I was very less then, I could experience her pain, the happiness and curiosity as my own. Though a permanent bond with her was developed through her poem I studied in high school about her grandmother’s house.

Later during college days, especially after joining MCJ, I was more exposed to her literary works. Each of them of course, made the bond stronger. I discovered more of myself through her works. Even though I’m not a movie buff, I didn’t mind watching her works made into films a number of times, just adoring the bold female characters.

After two days of her death, after hours of her burial, I realize, every woman has an Aami in herself. Though very few realize it.

As meeting you in person still remains a dream, I thank you Aami, for all the courage you instilled in my mind, all the strength you gave me, all the love you portrayed and for helping me discover myself through your words... which will make you eternal in my mind...

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Anonymous said...

since you felt more like Aami, i think you dont mind being called Aamini!